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We did not expect India to be intimidated by the US,’ says the Foreign Minister of Iran Javed Zarif.

The Iranian Foreign Minister, during an interaction in Tehran, quipped that although President Trump may need Modi’s votes in Texas, India has permitted itself to be intimidated by the US in stopping petroleum purchases from Iran. Tax payers, he says, are currently paying

The US sanctions have put Iran in a really tough situation. Iran’s Foreign Minister Javed Zarif points out that Iran has been around the’receiving end of antagonism and hostility’ for 40 years.

India and Iran have known each other through millennia through trade and cultural exchange however , he says at the beginning while meeting a bunch of Indian women journalists in Tehran. ‘we see graves of kings. We have been more successful with mystics, our poets and merchants than with our kings. We see Indians of all religions come to pay their esteem on a daily basis. These bonds are much more challenging to be broken down than economic alignment or short-term global adjustments,’ said Zarif.

Excerpts are provided by rashme Sehgal in the interaction:

India has stopped lifting oil. Are you disappointed?

India has taken a stand against sanctions. India has said no sanctions are accepted by them . We however expected India to be resilient vis-a-vis US pressures. The reason we expected them to deny this pressure is that if you recall most of us have had difficulty in our high schools. The bullies usually start with the smallest child in the course and then proceed up. The more you let a bully to bully you, the more you place yourself on the receiving end.

On the worldwide arena, individuals believe we have to be on the right side of President Trump, but bullies never possess a right side. The bully is that there only to place others into submission.

Countries including Russia and China have come to encourage Iran. India, being a fantastic democracy, a huge country with huge potential and a massive capability, and a nuclear power too, it cannot be bullied as China has refused to.

But you are being blindsided by the US, whenever you don’t buy oil and petrochemical and fertilisers from us but are purchasing it at three times the price from others; that pays in the conclusion, the Indian people pay. It is your people who pay.

If you can not lift oil from Iran, then we won’t be able to buy rice. Who pays? The farmer will pay the price. Thus the we are bullying India. We anticipate our friends to not accept this. We do not interfere with external affairs with our friends. But we think we need to get a outlook on those problems.

Are you really going to resume oil trade by circumventing these sanctions by continuing to sell oil?

Iran will continue to market oil and other nations will continue to buy our oil. But the character of the new business is insufficient transparency. Among the greatest victims of US coercive measures is transparency. Since people will create a good deal of cash and among the biggest gainers of coercive measures is corruption. Iranian oil will always have its clients, trades will always be ran, the only distinction is that some individuals will have a opportunity to create a good deal of money by purchasing oil from us and selling it at a higher price.

How has the maturation of the Chabahar port affected?

Certainly, Chabahar’s rate isn’t as fast as we all had wanted. Chabahar is greater than India and Iran. It affects regional stability, Afghanistan’s future and the future of Iraq, the Middle East states the future of drug trafficking and prohibited economy.

The struggle between the formal economy and the informal economy lies in the ability of the Afghan authorities to send items out Afghanistan throughout the port of Chabahar so as to send goods overseas. This formal market has to be reinforced. Chabahar is exempted from sanctions but the job has affected.

The Chinese are constructing the sea port of Gwadar in Pakistan. Will the downturn of Chabahar and India not purchasing oil from Iran see increasing Chinese influence in this region?

Chabahar isn’t seen by us as a competition between China and India. Chabahar is open to our buddies. China is interested in working with Iran. We are a partner in the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative. We do not look to be against relations with China and vis versa. As an independent and reliable supply of energy and stability and the same is the case with China, Iran can be relied upon by india.

India and Iran are currently collaborating on counter terrorism. What are your views on terrorism?

What is currently happening in Pakistan, is not Pakistan-sponsored but Saudi sponsored terrorism. We are engaged with their government in order to contain them. We’ll continue to engage with them to safeguard our borders from cross border terrorism emanating from Pakistani soil.

A supply of concern for us, as it is for India and Pakistan, is that the revival of Daish at Afghanistan. IS has been transferred from Syria and Iraq. We are routinely engaging with all our friends over the danger and relocation of IS. We’re also connected with China, Russia and Pakistan. This is an issue that can unite all people.

We’ve got information that the US has assisted in the movement of particular Daish commanders, especially commanders coming from India and Pakistan and those with Central Asian source. Ten helicopters were utilized to take them out.

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