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What are?

Everything was struck; why I call this financial terrorism that is. I do not phone them sanctions. Sanctions are a way. The law is not being enforced by the US. Illegality is being enforced by the US. Security Council resolution calls for all states to normalise connections that are economic. If a person violates the law, you simply take them to task but if someone coughs on their street and you grab him by their neck and accept him hostage, this is not sanction, this is terrorism.

US Secretary of State Pompei stated and this is really a Newsweek headline, that if Iran wants its visitors to consume, they have to follow what the US says. In any dictionary is terrorism.

What is terrorism? It’s using coercion to force people to trace your diktat. What Pompei says is a very textbook definition of terrorism. They stated that drugs and food have been exempted from sanctions. They are lying.

In order to purchase food and medicine, we must undergo banking transactions. And even when banks are allowed to carry on proceeds of transactions that are medical, how can we pay? They’ve sanctions on everything. They’ve sanctioned petrochemicals, petroleum, fertilisers, manufactured products and even on the building sector. We need to be able to take part in trade in order to pay.

Which nation in right mind will let us succeed? However, this is connected to Iran’s decision to go nuclear, violate the NPT thereby destabilising this region. Western nations fear Iran will go ahead and generate a nuclear weapon?

We would have done it when we were under UN sanctions if we had wanted to build a nuclear weapon. When we began discussions, we have paid the price out of 2007-12. We paid more than the price. When we didn’t possess such IAEA inspections we might have built it. Nobody has had more intrusive IAEA inspections than people.

We had an arrangement with the US and four members of the Security Council to make sure we would not build nuclear weapons. (President) Trump didn’t like Obama. He didn’t enjoy what he did. He retreated out of that offer. Look at what is happening in our region while talking about regional behavior. Who supported the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001-2002? Who supported Saddam Hussain when he invaded Iran? Who supported the IS? Can you anyplace find the title of Iran?

Ostensibly the US fought against IS and Al Qaeda. Nevertheless, it was the US allies that supported Taliban. Only 3 countries recognised the Taliban. They had been Saudi Arabia, UAE and Pakistan in the 1990s as a government. We supported.

Who is bombing Yemen if we talk about behaviour that is dangerous? Is Iran bombing Yemen or is. Are we involved in Sudan? Libya? North Africa? Are we creating turmoil in these nations? The only common denominator is both Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Iran is not in one of these nations. President Trump has himself stated Saudi Arabia supported IS. He has himself said, Iran fought IS. He recently said as US soldiers withdrew from Syria that Iran and Russia would struggle with IS.

Look at the details of the ground. Who attempted to suffocate Qatar? When it was being suffocated who came to the help of Qatar? Why was Qatar an ally of Iran? No, Qatar was an adversary. Qatar supported Saudi Arabia in Yemen, Somalia and Sudan. You cannot build stories ? A coverage can not be built by you .

You said sanctions have struck drugs and food? Has this hit the common man on the road?

Human Rights has issued a report on the way coercive economic measures have hit import of medicines and food. A report was issued by Human Rights Council’s Special Representative . The impact is there. The US special agent has said they need the Iranian government to comply and bend. You have the intent and you’ve got the results. That is. We accuse the US of engaging in crimes against humanity.

Happily, we create 97 per cent of our medicine. We depend on imports for a small fraction of sophisticated medicine. By way of example, we import inhibitors for youngsters with EBS. Only a couple of companies in the world produce bandaids for use by those children. We have the technologies, but it isn’t economical to produce these. We need to purchase the medications from Sweden, but the business is not inclined to sell us it.

However, for 97 percent of our medication, we are self-sufficient. Very sophisticated medicine is even exported by us . The pharma industry is not happy with us. They’re sucking on the blood of people. The health company is a massive company and it isn’t one of the small business.

Is there an alliance brewing between Russia, Iran and China?

I don’t call it an alliance, so I call it a common understanding. We are all targets. The US’s attempt is to act as an impediment. The US won’t quit trying, although the times of hegemony are over. This being the situation, President Trump needs Modi’s votes in Texas.

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